VY Group and Vobling collaboration


The Vy group, one of the largest transport groups in the Nordic region, partnered with Vobling for a VR-based firefighting simulator that will train staff on fire extinguishing procedures in a train.

“The VR-technology gives an extraordinary way to simulate different scenarios and train our personnel in a safe and scalable environment. The training system will use object tracking and replicate fire, smoke, oxygen- and temperature levels in a realistic fashion which gives a new and powerful tool in our safety training procedures. The end game for this application is about saving lives – what could be more important than that”, said Ole Johnny Haugen, Head of Development at Vy Competence Center.

Read the press release here: [https://www.auganix.org/norways-vy-group-enters-partnership-with-bublar-subsidiary-vobling-ab-for-virtual-reality-firefighting-training/] (https://www.auganix.org/norways-vy-group-enters-partnership-with-bublar-subsidiary-vobling-ab-for-virtual-reality-firefighting-training/)