Virtual Reality World Tech magazine feature


The first Virtual Reality World Tech magazine featured Vobling's collaboration with The VY Group on the fire fighting training simulator in virtual reality. International railway operator, Vy, partnered with Vobling to develop a VR educational tool that would train staff on firefighting tactics and procedures, and preventive measures on smoke inhalation.

“VR also gives us the opportunity to train in a simulation that is as close to the real life experience as possible. It is nearly impossible for us to create this kind of realistic scenario in real life. With the use of VR, we can develop scenarios with both flames and smoke in our own recognisable trains. It also gives us the possibility to focus training specifically on what we need.”

Haugen also mentioned the cost and environmental benefits of utilizing a firefighting simulator. Without pollutants being released in the atmosphere and a training location such as a railway carriage, the simulator is considered to be a safer and more cost-effective tool for fire safety education.

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