Vive Business story feature


Vive Business featured an article discussing how Vobling's capabilities and the HTC Vive hardware can enable a realistic, safe, and cost-efficient fire emergency training.

Utilizing HTC Vive's platform as a base, Vobling’s developers and technical artists created a dynamic fire system which not only creates a natural-looking fire and smoke, but allows for complex interaction with realistic responses. The software consists of realistic VR environments, agents, and other training-related elements, fully integrated into a real fire extinguisher with multiple HTC VIVE trackers and controls built in. This system allows the trainee to use a real fire extinguisher, and see accurate responses from their actions in the VR environment.

Vobling and HTC Vive paved the way for greater immersion and realism in virtual training. With the ability to simulate any scenario and integrate physical objects into the virtual world, Vobling can make emergency training such as fire fighting easier than ever before.

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