Meet the pioneers: Frank and Amanda


“The initial reaction from our partners in the EU has been overwhelmingly positive with incoming orders from day one.”

  • Fredrik Frank, Sales Manager at Vobling

The Goodbye Kansas Group Interim report Q2 2021 featured VR Fire Trainer, Vobling’s proprietary product, and the people behind its significant market expansion this year. The VR Fire Trainer team successfully captured two reseller agreements with Europe’s top fire safety solutions providers: Scandinavia’s market leader Dafo and EU’s fire and safety leader Gloria.

The Dafo brand partnered with Vobling to become the exclusive reseller of VR Fire Trainer in Sweden, and Gloria signed a deal to be the sole distributor of the platform in the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. Currently, the team continues to create a global demand for the adoption of virtual reality in fire safety training.

According to Frank, sales manager at Vobling, VR Fire Trainer was able to generate a great deal of interest among resellers and their respective markets.

“We see a strong interest from our resellers. In Sweden, dedicated resources are employed to meet the needs and demand of our partners. The initial reaction from our partners in the EU has been overwhelmingly positive with incoming orders from day one. Now we have an exciting launch in the UK ahead of us.”

Amanda, Head of Product for VR Fire Trainer, listed the key benefits of the platform that resolve pain points of traditional live fire training such as weather conditions, regulatory constraints, and potential harm - to name a few.

“The biggest advantages are environmental aspects and accessibility in comparison with traditional fire training. By limiting the number of fire extinguishers that are emptied into our environment and at the same time ensuring a training where the user can practice the practical steps on a real fire extinguisher - and also as many times as possible. VR Fire Trainer gives the user a varied training in different environments, with different types of fire extinguishers and different types of fires, anytime and anywhere.”

Amanda highlighted distinct competitive advantages of VR Fire Trainer, such as market adaptation capabilities and superior simulations for a realistic training experience. Moreover, she mentioned that the VR Fire Trainer is aiming to expand its features to cater to specific needs of an organization.

“We continue the development of different types of fires. Next in line is a lithium fire that complements the current range of fires, as lithium batteries are used to an increasing extent... We also want to broaden the offer of VR Fire Trainer to work with more types of VR headsets.”

Apart from the VR Fire Trainer’s launch in the UK, Frank noted that the team is currently coordinating with other retailers within the EMEA region and Oceania, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. With incredible feedback and the support of an exceptional team, VR Fire Trainer is ready to be delivered to the rest of the world.

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