Fighting fire without fire.

dafo x vobling partnership

Partnered with Dafo in the Nordics

Vobling and Dafo have entered a strategic reseller partnership focused on the Swedish market in which Dafo is a leader within fire & rescue systems.

The kit

The complete kit consists of the training software, a reinforced pelican case containing an Oculus Quest VR headset, two controllers, and one fire extinguisher equipped with custom made hardware mounts and microcontrollers enabling tracking and input. The software allows the user to customize the training scenario by specifying the environment, fire extinguishing method, and fire type.

Virtual environments built in Vobling's VR Fire Trainer

Custom and customizable

The VR Fire trainer is offered as an off the shelf solution but it can also be customized with specific environments, custom UI, and tailored scenarios.

“The level of learning is high, costs have been reduced substantially, it’s safe and the realism of training in the application is fantastic. We have also managed to attract new clients by showcasing the fire emergency simulator.”

Ole Jonny Haugen, Head of Development at Norwegian Railway Operator, Vy.

Benefits of the VR Fire Trainer


Traditional fire emergency training is costly, it requires time from participants, a specific environment, specialized equipment, and trained professionals. The virtual fire emergency training simulator is location agnostic, easy to use, and automatically trains anyone using it without any specialized tools; This makes it a more cost-efficient alternative to traditional fire emergency training.

Learning Enhancement

Our application enables a superior learning process compared to traditional training methods. The simulators that the industry has adopted don’t at all meet expectations. It is generally agreed upon that learning-by-doing effective, and VR training systems allow for infinite amounts of doing. Furthermore, thanks to the customizability of the application, training can be done in environments relevant to the user; Factory workers can train in factory environments and retail employees can train in stores, with equipment and types of fires relevant for respective scenarios.

VR enabled fire extinguishers for Vobling partners


The VR Fire Trainer reduces the environmental impact of fire training. Most fire training have legal and moral obligations to consider. In some areas certain agents such as foam are banned due to environmental impact. VR fire training delivers a sustainable option for practical fire training in realistic environments with various extinguishing agents. Including foam. The VR Fire Trainer also reduces travel.

VR fire trainer environment


VR fire training causes no occupational health and safety issues. The training takes place in a totally controlled and realistic virtual environment without exposure to hazardous combustible products and toxic extinguishing agents. In many countries urbanized areas also have restrictions for training with real fire and there is no need to gather up larger groups of people which is positive during the ongoing Corona pandemic.