employee in vr meetings

Forget Zoom, Hangouts and Teams; Certain meetings require presence, and during quarantine, the most effective way of reaching true presence is through XR. 

From conferences to coffee breaks, VR and AR technology enables gatherings in virtual decentralized environments where people can meet and interact through lifelike avatars. 

There are many scenarios where video conferencing systems and messaging platforms fall short, aptly summarized by Antony “Skarredghost” Vitillo at virtual reality blog skarredghost.com. Below are some of the benefits of VR meetings from the blog:


VR and AR reality enables more effective ways of displaying certain data formats, such as 3D. Presenting 3D elements in VR meetings contributes to a better understanding of the object thanks to the increased spatial perception. For example, a group of product developers meeting in a virtual environment to discuss a prototype in front of them may save the company considerable time and money.


There is no better method of building relationships than putting people together in the same room. XR allows people to feel presence to one another through virtual avatars, and communicate and interact with one another in a more natural way compared to text or telecommunication based methods. This could help to bring people together across business units and work locations, making everyone a bit less lonely in times like these.


A lot more goes into communication than words. Through virtual avatars, users are able utilize non-verbal communication techniques to more effectively get their message across. Many solutions offer features such as hand tracking, allowing speakers to gesticulate. The increased communication efficacy is especially important in those cases where, for example, event organizers want to encourage engaging presentations and talks.


Everyone who has attempted networking over LinkedIn or a conference call with 20 other participants realize that there’s nothing like the real deal. Virtual reality meeting applications allow organic networking, much like how people network in real life. Virtual reality networking is surprisingly common for virtual conferences and events on platforms such as AltspaceVR.


Associating your brand with bleeding-edge technologies have inherent positive effects. Stakeholders are impressed by immersive technologies that positively impact the perception of your brand. 

Whether you require face-to-face communication through virtual characters or AR visualizations for your ideas, immersive technologies can enable you to work more effectively as a team. 


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