Vobling is a virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) agency. Vobling is part of Bublar, a publicly traded AR and location based game studio. Our work combines premiere content with the latest technology – blending physical and digital experiences. Our studio has released award winning games, built powerful enterprise solutions, assisted in groundbreaking R&D and told stories that touched millions. At Vobling we emphasize a healthy work-life balance, promote a fun workplace and provide a competitive compensation package.

We are looking for a Senior Technical Project Manager / XR-developer to join us in our central Stockholm office. Due to the urgency, the listing is currently only open to Swedish residents.

You probably have a background in system or game development and you are excited about the XR-tech scene and about how businesses can utilize these technologies. You’ve managed projects in Unity and/or Unreal and you’ve gained some relevant experience. You are used to working agile and you are familiar with SCRUM. A good understanding of what defines an excellent AR and VR application and experience is key.

Roles and responsibilities

Product Owner

A role you’ll need to undertake is to facilitate and curate the vision of a given project from the clients perspective as well as the creative direction of the team given our experience with this new medium.

Functions such as:
  • Meeting with the client and clarifying scope and vision of the project as a whole
  • Prioritizing tasks and documenting them in a backlog for the production team
  • Facilitating post sprint feedback with clients
  • Quality checking the output of the production team
  • Facilitate a proper wrap up of a project

Scrum Master

When working in production, you need to be able to take upon yourself the role of “Scrum Master” to go along with your production responsibilities. This essentially means that you are in charge of implementing the scrum methodology in your team.

Functions such as:
  • Facilitating sprint planning
  • Facilitating daily stand ups
  • Removing impediments that stand in the way of your team finishing the sprint
  • Holding your team accountable to what they say in the stand up.
  • Facilitating a proper sprint wrap up (and perhaps add a “Kaizen” to the backlog)

AR/VR Application Developer

You will also need to function as a highly skilled and multidisciplinary developer and stay up to date with the latest tools and technologies that are at our disposal in the XR landscape.

Skills required:

Areas where you are able to apply and practically execute.

  • Highly skilled at programming in C# using Unity’s scripting API
  • Highly skilled at setting up and implementing features in a VR or AR based environment using all of the Editor features in Unity
Knowledge required:

Areas where a working knowledge is more valuable than practical skill.

  • Majority of the features in Unity
  • 3D art workflow
  • The requirements of building and deploying projects on different platforms such as Google Play, App Store etc
Competencies required:
  • Problem solving in all areas of XR development.
  • Giving, receiving and digesting feedback in a constructive manner
  • Ability to determine what is an intuitive user experience
  • Conceptualize and map out technical requirements based on a client brief or design document
  • Working in agile and cross functional teams, remotely and on location
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences to boost the competences of our entire team
  • M.Sc, B.Sc or other relevant educational background

Competitive edge

Sometimes when applying for these types of positions it might be hard to know what to bring up and highlight from your background that are not on the list of requirements for the position. Here are some things that we consider a “Competitive edge” among our applicants

  • Working knowledge and skill with another game engine aside from Unity
  • Proficiency in another general purpose programming language aside from C#
  • Experience of native App development  for Android or iOS
  • Experience with any type of 3D workflow such as Modelling, CAD, Sculpting and Texturing.
  • Any artistic disciplines such as graphic design, illustration etc
  • Any other technological skills such as 3D-printing, IoT, electronics etc

Aside from these we are happy to hear about anything you consider a major interest or hobby.

Personal characteristics

We’re seeking individuals that are curious, ambitious and eager to learn new stuff and that are willing to push boundaries. You are an ambitious hard working individual that also wants to have fun!

Apply now

Our great offices are located in central Stockholm (Gamla stan). If you find some of the positions interesting don’t hesitate to apply to ​

Please submit a personal letter, your CV as well as a portfolio of your previous work.

Feel free to contact Alex Ennerfelt (Head of Productions) or Anders Ribbing (CEO) if you have any questions about the role or about Vobling. Alex mobile: +46 (0) 72 326 07 69, mai:l Anders mobile: +46 (0) 709 36 88 68,

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