Hector Rail, operating in Scandinavia and Germany, provides transportation services of heavy industry products such as stone, mining, coal, mineral oil, between facilities and terminals. 



Hector Rail’s previous training methods were primarily theoretical studies paired with on-site familiarization of real trains. With a single train storage in Sweden, trainees had to travel to this particular location in order to experience and get themselves familiar with various trains. Travel expenses are considerable, therefore site visits are limited, which results in limited training opportunities. During on-site training, trains need to be pulled out of operation which leads to efficiency loss and downtime.



Facing these challenges, Hector Rail’s training department began searching for a solution to train its operators and staff more efficiently and effectively. To help with Hector Rail’s issues, Vobling developed a 360 virtual train tour,  accessible from a website link on computers, phones, tablets or virtual reality headsets. The solution enables Hector Rail’s employees to explore a digital twin of the train, allowing them to tour and interact with various components inside and outside of the train.



Complementing the existing theoretical study, the 360 virtual train tour enables Hector Rail’s employees to get substantially familiar with the train before on-site visit. The new training approach maximizes the efficiency of each physical site visit and boosts trainees’ learning retention remarkably while keeping site visit frequency down. Simultaneously training costs are brought down in terms of both reducing travel expenses and operational disruption. 

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