Kalmar, the Swedish arm of Cargotec, provides solutions and services for cargo handling in ports, terminals and heavy industries. Their products include forklift trucks, terminal tractors, cranes and empty container handlers etc. 



Most of their products weigh up to more than a hundred tons, therefore it is especially challenging to find tools to showcase them across various clients’ locations without adding cost or causing a negative impact on the environment. 



Kalmar turned to Vobling’s visualisation technology to demonstrate the functionality of its forklift trucks, so that the need for their products to be physically present could be eliminated. 

Working closely with Kalmar, Vobling developed an Augmented Reality application to digitalise and visualise their forklift trucks’ information and functionalities. With the application’s 3D and AR features, the forklift trucks can be concretely presented and viewed in the real-life environment, through phones or tablets. Furthermore, the application lays a foundation where more comprehensive digital tools can be seamlessly built in the future. It means more products, configuration options and product and service information will be easily added in this application. 



With this application,  Kalmar’s clients and sales people don’t need to travel to see or showcase their products, which makes the sales process easier, smoother and lower cost. Moreover, the application helps the clients to make a better buying decision, as the clients can study the vehicle in detail and get a better understanding of how it will operate in their own environment.


4 Benefits of VR and AR in Marketing and Sales

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