Alfa Laval, a world class manufacturer of specialized products and solutions for heavy industry, leveraged Vobling’s web browser based product visualization technology to showcase and demonstrate the functionality of their CultureOne separator system.

Interactive and animated 3D allows products to be easily viewed and demonstrated to customers without a physical meeting. A separator is a high-tech and advanced product that is not easily presented. With Vobling’s unique web-based application, technologically advanced, large or unwieldy products that are difficult to move can be used to present products in digital meetings in as good a way as to getting a physical demo. The plan is to expand with more features and products in the long term.

“The web application supports our strategy for marketing and parts of the sales process to be done digitally. To be able to get the same understanding and experience as being able to turn and touch the product in reality is a target we have had and we can achieve that with the solution Vobling offers,” says Anette Nord Holfve, Market Communication Manager at Business Unit High Speed Separators, Alfa Laval.

“We are pleased with the trust from Alfa Laval. The web application is the next step in the development of the AR app for mobile devices that we already offer. In these times with Covid-19 limiting physical meetings, it is satisfying to be able to contribute with tools that really raise the quality of digital sales meetings,” says Magnus Rudling, Sales & Business Development Director at Vobling & Bublar Enterprise.

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